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Nancy's Dog Walking and Pet Care

We take care of pets for people who are at work, incapacitated, traveling or otherwise unavailable to provide momentary care for their own pet.

Sometimes it is a kitty, or a cat. Other times it may be a bunny, a bird, a puppy or a dog. No matter which type of pet you have, rest assured that your pet will receive a lot of love, caring and interested devotion while in our care.

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About Nancy Gabriel

Nancy Gabriel

While I, in no way, profess to be a dog whisperer, my success rate with dogs has been very good.

They seem to be drawn to me--almost from the very first moment. Most of them bond very quickly and very tightly with me. I am just an animal lover, and the animals all seem to know that this is what and who I am. They respond accordingly. There is nothing special about my background or my training--I am just an animal lover, and always have been.

Nancy Gabriel


My method is to socialize all of the dogs so that they can be inter-mingled without disruptive behaviors or adverse reactions to each other. Additional training, to re-enforce your chosen discipline will be provided if you so choose. Specific collar types, leads harnesses, etc. will be used in accordance with your wishes.